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Ironclad Security

Security. Automated.

Ironclad Security specializes in commercial security systems and luxury home automation across the Greater Toronto Area. From enterprise card access control, video surveillance & Intrusion detection, all the way to sophisticated home automation systems.

Experience a smarter, connected world.

Vaughan & the Greater Toronto Area

By leveraging the latest, modern technologies, Ironclad Security is delivering comprehensive solutions to both luxury homes and commercial clients, throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Ironclad Security specializes in the installation of enterprise security systems, card access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, as well as luxury home automation systems.

With years of experience serving Vaughan & the GTA, we strive to deliver an experience built upon simplicity, convenience and peace of mind.  Implementations are meant for deployments in commercial, industrial, highrise condominium, hospitality, government, and luxury home applications. Experience a smarter, more connected world with Ironclad Security.

Why Ironclad

Luxury Homes






Visibility. Control. Harmony.

Keep constant watch over critical premises.

Retain total visibility over all of your most critical assets. With Ironclad Security, we can ensure you have ultimate oversight over all of your important sites. Whether you're securing a commercial space, a warehousing facility or any other critical environment, our team of experts will design a customize a solution that's the right fit for your operation.

With the right knowledge and expertise, Ironclad Security can design, install and implement a solid security system that satisfies all of your requirements.

Security Systems Vaughan

Visibility. Control. Harmony.

Control access and defend your assets.

Leverage the latest, modern security technology in order to control your sites and access to your buildings. By ensuring total access control over your facility, we can mitigate any security risks that might threaten unauthorized access. Every building needs some kind of intrusion detection system, in order to defend important assets and interests.

Ironclad Security will put control back into your hands through the implementation of an integrated, connected security system. The Ironclad monitoring centers will ensure you have full control over all of your sites.

Security Systems Vaughan

Visibility. Control. Harmony.

Fully integrated, harmonized systems, keep things simple.

The next generation of advanced security systems are being built upon robust, artificially intelligent platforms. Ironclad Security is always investing in the latest, most advanced technology and fostering partnerships with the most popular security hardware vendors, in order to be able to deliver completely integrated, new solutions.


Technology changes and evolves at a rapid rate, and keeping up-to-date with the most state of the art offerings in the business, is what keeps Ironclad Security at the forefront of the industry.

Security Systems Vaughan
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