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Advanced Security.

The next generation of advanced security systems.

Ironclad Security Systems offers state of the art, card access control, CCTV surveillance, and intrusion detection systems. These systems can be designed and implemented to be fully standalone, or to be fully connected and integrated. Artificially intelligent, integrated solutions are paving the pathway for the future of the enterprise security system.

Card Access

Secure your premises by providing personnel with authorized credential access to appropriate sites and rooms. Activate and deactivate cards, fobs and credentials on the fly, and retain total control over building access.

Security Cameras

Watch over critical areas and document/store important security camera footage. Surveillance provides a reliable audit trail of the events that go on in your facilitiy or premises. Protect yourself, and others, by keeping records of all activity.

Intrusion Detection

Defend your premises from unauthorized access and intrusion. Intrusion detection allows for an extremely quick response time to any emergency intrusion situations. Full security system ULC monitoring allows constant protection over critical assets.

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