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Top Ten Security System Trends of 2020

Our team at Ironclad Security Systems, has identified some of the top trends in the security systems marketplace, at play for 2020.

And here we go … The most important and impactful 2020 Security System trends are:

•    Cybersecurity Impact on Physical Security •    AI (Artificial Intelligence) •    Facial Recognition •    Emphasis on Data Privacy •    Cloud Computing and Networking •    National Security Concerns •    Connectivity & IoT Everything •    Biometric Security •    Security as a Service Model •    Identity as the New Perimeter

Ironclad Security describes these top 10 factors influencing both short- and long-term change in the national security industry.

Cybersecurity resoundingly tops the list of security trends again for 2020. With the increased risk and frequency of cyberattacks, today’s systems integrators and product developers are working to make sure that security solutions meet or exceed an organization’s cyber-preparedness standards. It is also forecasted that the trends of artificial intelligence, facial recognition and biometric security will dramatically impact the industry in coming years. Both AI and facial recognition are experiencing clear technology advancements, and we will continue to track the industry and consumer tech adoption rates and emerging applications for these evolving security trends.

These security trends are the top forces at play in security, expected to have far-reaching impacts on businesses across the industry. As such, these trends play an critical role in the future and shape of the entire security system industry as a whole.

Cybersecurity was identified as the predominant trend shaping the security industry and a major concern for C-suite executives, government clientele, enterprise organizations, integrators and more. Moving up the list to second for 2020 was the trend of artificially intelligent (AI) security. Respondents noted AI’s role underlying advancement behind nearly all technology promises.

Reach out to Ironclad Security Systems to get more information on industry leading, trending systems that will work best for your security application.

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